It is very important to create an appropriate balance – both external and internal. However, after hard work both of them require rest and freedom.

Hairdressing salon (Schwarzkopf)

SCHWARZKOPF has not forgotten about people who have sensitive scalp skin. The company has developed for them hair-dyes not containing ammonia which represent natural products.




The excellent experts of our company can help you to choose the most suitable hair-style for you. We offer high-quality products for any hair type: for mature and colored, thin and colored blonde, as well as for dry hair. We have not forgotten about men, therefore we offer products developed for their scalp skin and hair. The hair-dyes IGORA ROYAL offered our company provide natural colors.  By means of these hair-dyes it is possible to create real products of hairdresser's art:  the curls have a natural look, the intensity is raised and the grey hair is as much as possible covered. The hair-dyes reliably provide an individual appearance in any conditions. If you would like a full relaxation, than you can order a tonic head massage.


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