It is very important to create an appropriate balance – both external and internal. However, after hard work both of them require rest and freedom.

Rejuvenescence system Eternale

Rest. Rejuvenescence. Experiences.




The system functions at three levels.

Carefully instrumented musical compositions with the lost notes of solfeggio considerably promote meditation and relaxation. The directed visualization and the audio-relaxation exercises help to induce congenital positive self-estimation, an image of the body, ability to remove stress and bad thoughts about the body weight, as well as many other effects.

The almost imperceptible fine microcurrent vibration deeply relaxes the client, removes the stress in muscles and rearranges the unhealthy samples on the face, as well as in the body.

System ETERNALE helps to get rid of the stress arisen because of work, human relations and other stressful situations. It updates the young appearance of the skin and removes the dark rings round eyes, as well as the thin wrinkles. The skin elasticity will be improved and the collagen, as well as the elastin level of it will be increased. The blood circulation will be improved. The energy level will be higher. The system promotes the body relaxation. It removes the stress, improves the sleep, raises the working capacity, reduces the signs of ageing and causes a young feeling, as well as a young outward appearance. It improves the muscular tone.

The body and the mind can find the piece, the rest and the silence again.




Program ETERNA-SHAPE uses the active mechanism of the microcurrent; it is proved that it improves the blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system therefore the metabolism will be improved, too. This program can perfectly supplement the treatment or the massage provided for body weight reduction.

Program ETERNA-lift perfectly compensates the gravity. There are 32 various muscles on the face of a person. The muscle regenerating can be carried out by massage. However, improbable good results can be achieved if in addition microcurrent treatment procedures will be carried out.

Program ETERNA-lux is a perfect mean for hair and a skin condition improvement.

In addition to the procedures mentioned above, we are able to make specific treatments for stress removal, giving of young appearance and energy restoring; for decreasing of harmful influences caused by environmental contamination, improving of the face skin and increasing of the beauty; for giving the body a new form, motivational movement and working capacity improvement.

The rejuvenescence system ETERNALE removes the daily stress and by means of individual samples of biological signals harmonizes the mind, the body, as well as the skin. The system allows various possibilities, as for example, meditation, directed creation of an image and microcurrent treatment.  The electric signals related to ageing and to stress are gently compensated; besides, the system helps to find the congenital vital force of the person.

People, who have already tried it, are telling about a deeply relaxed condition, a rejuvenation and happiness.

You have only to sit down in a convenient armchair in a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere, listen calming music, have a rest, make relaxation exercises and have good experiences, as well as internal harmony within 20-30 minutes – after that you can stand from the armchair. All the rest are carried out by the program.