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INDIGO Univerzális Quantum Biofeedback

People strongly differ from each other. Everyone has an own style, own temperament, own anatomy and own requirements. However, all the people agree that the most important thing in the life is to keep and restore the health. Anybody can be healthy only if there is a balance between the body, the soul and the social sphere. If any of these factors is disturbed (if strictly speaking, it occurs often enough) it is necessary to take measures for its restoration.

At present rush life style it is not to easy to find time and energy for caring itself. We are constantly exposed to stress in the street, on the workplace, in the car... and is inevitable. The improper nutrition, the sedentary life, the absence of liquid in the organism, the environmental contamination, smoking, drugs, alcohol, preserving substances and the constantly rush life style - all of them can disturb the harmony between the body and the soul.

INDIGO is an extraordinary device which can assist restoration and preservation of the balance in the organism.

All cells and organs of the body have an own vibration. By use of the bioresonance device the vibrations measured in the body are transferred in a special computer which sorts and evaluate the data. This special method gives information to the user about deviations which should be eliminated to restore the balance.

INDIGO improves the quality of life.

The majority of people agree that the biofeedback seat provides good rest and relaxation and it is an effective device.

This wellness device helps to remove poisonous substances from the organism, to restore intestinal flora, to provide suitable nutrition, to create hormonal balance and to reveal absence or surplus of vitamins, as well as mineral substances and the presence of allergens in the organism.

It promotes the achievement of the physical and psychical health.

It reveals those parts or organs in the organism which are most exposed to stress.

It shows the organs of the body requiring special attention.

It improves the ability of the organism to the self-treatment.